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Website Mockups

Designing great websites is an art, and like any art form, it starts with a vision. At Santiago Digital Design, we understand the power of visualization, and that’s why all of our projects begin with website mockups.

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What is a Website Mockup?

Understanding Mockups

A website mockup is essentially a static, high-fidelity representation of your website’s design. It’s a snapshot of how your final website will look and function. Imagine it as a blueprint, a visual plan that allows you to see and evaluate the design before diving into the actual development.

Web Design Mockups: Save Time, Money and Future Headaches

Mockups save time

Our web design mockups are your ultimate time, money, and headache-saver. All of our projects start in a design tool where we focus solely on the design and layout of your new website. No messing around with WordPress settings, hosting, domains or SEO. 

Small Business: Enterprise-level Strategies

Mockups Save Money

Creating website mockups before diving into any form of WordPress development, or building web pages with website builders, is the secret many small business owners don’t know about that large Enterprise companies utilize every time. As a way to prevent excessive development costs in the future.

What does a website mockup look like?

Types of Mockups


Low-Fidelity Mockups

Think of low-fidelity mockups as doodles on a napkin. They're rough sketches, just to get the idea of the layout down free from distractions like colors, images and tone of voice.

phoenix fall festival mockup home page medium fidelity

Medium-Fidelity Mockups

These are like a coloring book - a bit more detailed but not the final picture. They add color to your concept and can include brand colors, written content and exact CTA button placements.

kralev dance desktop mobile high quality mockup

High-Fidelity Mockups

High-fidelity mockups are the Mona Lisa of your project. IT is a 1:1 static representation of your site layout that is detailed, polished, and pretty much what you're aiming for - a work of art!

What kind of mockup do we provide?

Mockup Deliverables

Depending on the complexity of your project, we’ll create a private website with a temporary access code to view your High-Fidelity mockup of your site. We’ll still create low/medium fidelity mockups behind the scenes. We’ll also show you branded components like your Contact Form, Team Profiles and any other Elements on all pages that will be designed with your branding.

We found this type of hybrid mockup gives our clients an overall visual representation of what their site will look like, before we begin. Once approved, we close the site and begin developing your website. 

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Website Design Mockup Benefits for Small Business

Web Design Mockup Benefits

Spot the Oopsie Early

Mockups let you find blunders before they become big dramas. It's like spinach in your teeth - better to know and fix before the big date!

Save on Re-Redo

It's easier to tweak a drawing than to tear down a whole building. Mockups save you from starting from scratch if something's not quite right.

High-Five Your Brainstorm

Imagine a brainstorm turned into a visual playground. That's a mockup. It lets you see all those awesome ideas in action.

Happy Wallet, Happy Life

Fixes in the mockup phase are like discount coupons for development. They save you big bucks.

Client Love Potion

Clients adore seeing a sneak peek. Mockups give them a taste of the cake before it's even baked!

Designer-Client BFFs

A mockup is like having a shared vision board. It keeps everyone on the same colorful page.

Coding SOS Signals

Developers love a clear map. Mockups guide them through the coding jungle, preventing lost-in-translation situations.

The Usability Compass

Mockups are like the compass for usability. They show you where the North Star of user-friendliness is.

Spot the Oopsie Early

Mockups let you find blunders before they become big dramas. It's like spinach in your teeth - better to know and fix before the big date!

Website Mockups FAQ

At Santiago Digital Design, we believe in delivering website designs that truly resonate with your vision and goals. Website Mockups serve as a visual preview of the design direction, allowing you to assess and refine the proposed concepts before we proceed with the full development. Creating mockups in a Digital Design tool is faster and less costly than jumping right into development without any sense of direction.

It’s all about ensuring your satisfaction and giving you a clear picture of how your website will look and function, ensuring we’re on the right track to create a digital space that represents your brand effectively.

Before you receive your first mockup, we’ll have already connected and worked together on creating a Vision Board of the ideas you like and may want to see in your own site. With that insight in-hand, we’ll create your Home page mockup.

The duration can vary based on the complexity of your project. On average, initial mockups are created within 1-2 weeks. We prioritize quality to ensure the design meets your expectations.

Typically, we provide 2-3 initial mockups. These variations allow you to explore different design directions and choose the one that resonates best with your brand identity and objectives and we end with a final mockup.

After using the Vision Board that we created to gather your ideas for your website, your first mockup will showcase the initial design concept for the Homepage of your website. We’ll also include a mockup of how certain elements of your website will be styled such as profile images, color gradients, buttons, Contact Form design, headers and paragraphs. Think of it as a very-early-creation-phase of a Brand Style Guide.

This is a visual representation of our understanding of your preferences and goals. You’ll see the layout, color scheme, typography, and other design elements. It’s a collaborative starting point, and your feedback will guide us in refining and perfecting the design to match your vision.

Absolutely! Your satisfaction is our priority. We welcome your feedback and offer rounds of Mockup revisions to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your vision.

It’s a good thing to reject a mockup or an idea in a mockup, this means progress! If the initial mockups miss the mark, no worries.

Together, we’ll go through the preliminary design phase which allows you to visually see whether or not an idea you have will work. During this phase, we openly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each idea, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your website.

Upon presenting various mockup ideas, we’ll refine and merge elements you like to create a cohesive Final Home Page Mockup. Your feedback guides us, ensuring we align with your vision and preferences.

However, if you’re rejecting a mockup and wanting to part ways after, the mockups remain our intellectual property and cannot be utilized for your website without appropriate compensation.