Creating Your Web Design Roadmap to Success

Design Strategy

Discover your brand’s essence with our Web Design Strategy session at Santiago Digital in Phoenix. We meet in person or remotely and our 5 stage process helps us uncover, define and align your website with your business and customer goals. Through this process, your website becomes a powerful, authentic extension of your brand identity in Arizona, on the web and around the world.

All projects start with a Web Design Strategy session. 

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Web Design Strategy

Exploring the Infinite Possibilities

Picture the Design Discovery phase as gazing through a telescope into the expansive galaxy of web design possibilities. It’s about delving deep, understanding intricacies, and charting the ideal trajectory for your digital universe.

Curated Web Design Strategies

Customized Phases, Tailored Solutions

Our Design Strategy process is modular and flexible, allowing us to adapt to your unique project needs. We provide you with a variety of building blocks, each enhancing your website based on your specific requirements. You have the freedom to choose the phases that seamlessly integrate with your vision.

Web Design Strategy Wins Through Collaboration

Navigating Success Together

We prioritize collaboration and synergy, ensuring your goals and aspirations are at the forefront. Together, we craft websites that surpass expectations, embodying your essence and purpose. Let’s unite our strengths, propel your project into success, and cultivate a digital landscape where your brand truly thrives. 

Web Design Strategy

Five Phases of Web Design Strategy

Step into the Design Strategy journey and learn what each phase covers. Our Design Strategy session is the compass that aligns your vision toward a website that resonates with your brand’s essence and customers.

Phase 1: Vision Unveiled

Discover your core vision and business essence, guiding us to lay a sturdy foundation and define project expectations.

Phase 2: Dive into Insights

Delve deep into industry trends, user behaviors, and competition dynamics to sculpt your unique project strategy.

Phase 3: Creative Brainstorm

Challenge assumptions, transforming user needs from "what" to "why," and visually ideate through collaborative sessions.

Phase 4: Sacrificial Designs

Craft sacrificial mockups, embracing uncertainty and swiftly iterating design concepts, all while keeping user needs at the forefront.

Phase 5: Refinement Journey

Test, gather feedback, and iterate tirelessly, refining designs based on insights from in-house, user, and A/B testing.

From Vision to Reality

Transcend design into development, meticulously breathing life into your project while upholding the essence of your vision.

Built For Your Success

Supercharge Your Brand with a Design Strategy Session

When you’re ready to set sail on this adventure, schedule a discovery call, and let’s navigate the stars together.

Web Design Strategy Benefits

Web Design Strategy Benefits for Small Business

Dive into the Benefits of Web Design Strategy tailored for your small business. Discover how this strategic approach optimizes your online presence, aligning your vision seamlessly with user-centric design for exceptional success in the digital realm.

Understand Your People, Better

Get to know your audience inside out. The Design Strategy session helps you understand what makes your customers tick and what ticks them off.

Get Your Goals Straight

This process helps align your website's design with what you want to achieve as a business. It's like setting the right destination on your GPS.

Outshine the Competition

By diving into industry trends and studying your competition, you can come up with ways to beat them at their own game.

Play Around with Ideas

Don't be afraid to experiment. This phase allows you to create quirky and sometimes imperfect design ideas to see what works best.

Put Your Website to the Test

Make sure your website actually works for your users. Test it out, get feedback, and tweak it till it’s just right. Then keep going!

Save Time and Money

Avoid costly mistakes down the road by getting things right from the start. It's like measuring twice and cutting once.

Speak Your Brand

Your website should talk the talk. The discovery process can also help draw out your brand's voice and personality.

Make it Future-Proof

Design with tomorrow in mind. A good discovery process ensures your website can grow and evolve with your business.

Win Hearts and Minds

A user-friendly website that understands and caters to your audience makes them love you a little more.

Built For Your Success

Supercharge Your Brand with a Design Strategy Session

When you’re ready to set sail on this adventure, schedule a discovery call, and let’s navigate the stars together.

Web Design Strategy FAQ

Our Web Design Strategy is an adaptable journey inspired by Lean UX (User Experience) principles, tailored to understand and chart the perfect trajectory for your website. It’s a process where we explore, ideate, and tailor solutions to your specific needs. Design Strategy is also known as Design Discovery.

Design Strategy allows us to deeply understand your vision and project goals. It ensures that we align our design strategies with your unique requirements, resulting in a website that perfectly suits your objectives.

The duration can vary based on project complexity. Typically, Design Strategy sessions takes anywhere from one day to three weeks, depending on the complexity of your project. This allows us to thoroughly understand your project needs.

Absolutely! Your input is crucial and we could not begin to create anything without your input. We encourage open communication and collaboration during this session to ensure that the resulting design is in line with your expectations.

No worries. The purpose of this Design Strategy (aka. Design Discovery) is to explore and refine ideas. We ask questions and present design ideas that will help guide us in narrowing down the best design direction.

We use our expertise to determine which methods will fit your project. We tailor our Design Strategy sessions based on your project’s unique requirements.

At Santiago Digital Web Design, we feel the Web Design Strategy session is a vital part of our process and included with your pricing. Other agencies may charge an additional fee of $1500 or more depending on complexity of your project.

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you have about our Digital Design Strategy session. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your project.