Total Impact Portfolio Challenge

Website Redesign

Project Overview

Our client was in the market to improve their existing website and make it easier for their users to sign up and register for their event, showcase articles about their event and sponsors. Because this website is for a live event hosted once a year, it made sense for the website to be a dynamic website and update content before, during and after the event. 

We worked within our clients constraints and focused more on usability, readability and less on design and layout changes.


TIPC Home Page Before

Project Ideation Phase

TIPC home mockup wireframe
TIPC Stories option 1
TIPC Footer

Final Design

Our final design included adding important Event details on the home page, adding testimonials, added an FAQ section & FAQ page, creating video subtitles, implementing CTA buttons for sign up and email capture, creating a space to showcase their articles and a section to showcase their partners and sponsors. It was also important to add a footer to this site so that users can more easily navigate the site. 

tipc desktop home page mockup santiago digital design 1
TIPC video desktop mockup santiago digital design



Project Details

Client Background

Total Impact Portfolio Challenge is designed to inspire the next generation of at-scale capital mobilization to address the world’s critical challenges. The Challenge will provide aspiring wealth managers, portfolio managers, and investment advisors an on-ramp into portfolio construction with an impact lens across asset classes, and the risk-return spectrum.

Key Features

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