Design Discovery

Design discovery is a proven method used to better identify project scope, goals, and align all stakeholders on the vision for your project. With your raw vision in hand, we’ll help gather research, flesh out ideas and deliver prototypes. 

Get in Focus with Design Discovery

Design Discovery aims to focus on the right problem first and delivers meaningful, highly functional solutions supported by your business metrics. You could even take this approach one step further and continue to implement an ongoing Design Discovery — after your product has taken shape — as a way to continually improve your web or mobile project for your customers.

Design Discovery in 5 phases​

As every project is unique, not all projects will utilize every phase mentioned below. Also, do note that each phase is not required to be followed in any order and usability testing may enlighten us to make changes in other parts of the project.

Simply put, each phase should be understood as being small parts that contribute to your project overall. 

Phase 1: High-Level Project Definition

Your high-level insight will help to provide a vast amount of research and information around your customers' experiences, motivations and frustrations.

We'll obtain key insights into your business goals and value proposition so that we can define the project, set expectations and get the right foundation for your project.

Phase 2: Empathize with Customers & Research

We'll take a deep dive and explore industry trends to understand your users and learn how your product can beat your competition.

As each project is unique, this phase can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your project, time constraints and any available - or lack of - sources of information around user research and competitive research. 

Phase 3: Analyze & Ideate

We’ll challenge assumptions and draw insights from research to help drive the direction of your project. The aim is to move from the “what” users want/think/need into the “why” they want/think/need it. This can include creating: 

  • User Persona
  • Persona Stories (clearly defining your user needs and wants)

Phase 4: Sacrificial Sketches & Prototypes

Yes, sacrificial. No, we don't harm animals.

We embrace uncertainty and purposefully create potentially flawed design concepts and visuals — early — to elicit discussion of all ideas and directions that might benefit user needs.

By having visuals and talking through these ideas early, we will quickly and cheaply ‘sacrifice’ concepts and ideas that end up falling short of user needs.

This stage is not meant to be interpreted as looking at final designs in any regards. In fact, here's what you could expect to see but may never unsee: 😯 👀

  • poorly drawn stick figures
  • Pictionary-style drawings - in the rapid sense, no guessing games here.
  • Blueprint-style wireframes - dull, lifeless, having no pretty colors or pictures (yet).
  • You have been warned 😇

Phase 5: Validation (Test + Refine)

One of the most important steps is to test our work to understand whether the design works as your customers expect. This could include:

  • in-house testing
  • external user testing
  • A/B testing 

With your new user-centered, research and evidence based designs tested, we'll finalize mockups and lock down Page Design choices such as:

  • Color palette 🎨
  • Typography
  • Images 🌄
Design Discovery Benefits

Not sure if Design Discovery is right for your project?​

Just take a look at Check out the benefits you get when you start your project with Design Discovery. 

Maximizing your website ROI

Did you know the ROI for investing into your website’s user experience can offer on average $100 for every $1 invested? This is because testing your website early on saves on developing costs later on down the road. If you’re already developing but haven’t done any testing or just getting started, here is your sign! 

Ready to get started?

Transforming challenges into opportunities

Our user-centered design services are helping businesses transform challenges into opportunities to delight their customers and outperform their competitors.


Client Feedback

“He took my vision and ran with it!”

“He was very thorough in asking questions about my business and goals for the website.

He took the time to show me different layouts before any development work was done.

I wanted to incorporate my favorite colors and create a new logo for my company and he took my vision and ran with it!

I will continue using him as I plan to add a store on my site and a mobile app for my students. I highly recommend Santiago Digital.”


Kralev Dance - Owner

“Above and beyond our expectations”

“I am very pleased with how the website turned out and more importantly that the project was delivered on time and within budget. 

He really impressed us by creating subtitles for a new video we were adding to the site to improve upon the user experience, and not waste additional time with a production company.

His communication was clear and he took the time to explain, to non designers and developers,  how certain features we wanted on our website might impact the overall user experience.

We appreciated making informed decisions and we will continue to use Esteban for our sister sites.”


Good Capital Project - Managing Director

“He made the whole process easy to understand.”

"Santiago Digital exceeded my expectations from the moment we started working together. At every step of the way he helped guide me through the whole process and made communication around web design and development very easy for me to understand. 

He was ever so gracious to help me again, so soon, when I joined a new parish and needed to update my website accordingly. I am very happy with the quality and would — and do — recommend his services to everyone."

The Most Reverend, Bishop Marc Morales del Castillo, S.C.R.

Our Lady Altagracia Mission Church

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